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Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? Do you participate in sport? Well you have just found the right people to talk to. We offer a wide range of Sports Eyewear to prescription so that no matter what your eyesight is like you will be able to compete with the best.

Swimming Goggles to Dive Masks, Football Goggles to Cycling Glasses. If there is a certain sport that is not listed on the site please drop us an email or give us a call and we will let you know if we can recommend a frame for you.

Sports Eyewear Direct based in London have been dealing with sports eyewear since the mid 1990s and know the products we deal with inside out.

Understanding Your Prescription

Your glasses prescription contains the precise measurements of the type of prescription lenses that you will need in order to have the clearest vision.

The prescription you supply to us must be given to you by a registered optician or registered ophthalmic medical practitioner following a sight test performed by him or her within the last 2 years or 12 months if over 70 years of age and that you are not registered blind.
A spectacle prescription is usually written in the following form: Sphere Cylinder Axis: R -3.00 / -0.50 x 180 L -3.50 / -1.00 x 180

In order to calculate the power you need to take into account the two aspects of your prescription.

You should base the power you order primarily on the amount of short or long sightedness you have. If you also have a moderate degree of astigmatism (up to 2.00), incorporate up to half of this to choose the most appropriate power. Most swimming goggles come in 0.50 steps so you may have to select the nearest power. You need to know the power and sign (+ or -) of both parts of the prescription.

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